Rules of the society



1. There is no closed season on Toddbrook Resoviour

2. No Keepnets to be used from 15th March – 15Th June

3. Night fishing not allowed

4. Fishing from the dam wall is not allowed

5. No fishing from boats

6. Radios and dogs are not allowed on the bankside

7. The far bank from opposite the inflow towards the gulley is conversation area and is not to be fished

8. Anglers may only fish with one rod or pole at any one time

9. Anglers may fish with two hooks

10. No live baiting

11. Stones must not be used inside keepnets to anchor them

12. All course fish to be returned to the water after fishing

13. No litter to be left at any peg

14. “Reservoir Road” bankside is members only fishing

15. Members are required to take all resonable steps to ensure the sfatey of the public and other club members

16. Members are asked not to obstruct the footpath with any items of fishing tackle.

17. ALL members must report to any committee member unsafe practices or areas of concern regarding saftey.

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