The Society Was Founded in 1894

Moss Side Social Angling Society (M.S.S.A.S) has two waters, primarily Todd brook reservoir located in Whaley Bridge. A water of some 50+ acres which has recently been re stocked following a complete drain down by British Waterways in 2010-11 to facilitate essential engineering works. This was completed in the spring of 2011 to allow the essential replacing of the water valves which had been unchanged since the time of the late queen Victoria. The valves are essential to the supply of water to the Peak Forrest canal.

Restocking was completed in early 2012, with invaluable help and assistance from British Waterways. 5.5 Tonnes of fish were introduced. Species included were Roach, Bream, Perch, Tench. A special fish named Bertie was rescued during the the drain down and was transported the short distance to our other water (Brookefield Pond) for safe keeping. Once the works had been completed and the reservoir filled Bertie was netted, and re introduced back home. Bertie is a favourite of many of the members, when last caught Bertie weighed an impressive 8lbs (pictures on the gallery).

M.S.S.A.S. is a small club with membership of approx 75 members. Day tickets are available at a cost of £4. Pay on the day or at the local tackle shop in the village.




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